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    Currently operating out of an olive orchard in Corning California, there's something personal about Alex Marshall. Perhaps it's the unique variations in the glaze or the way her ceramic pieces fit perfectly in the hand. Maybe it's their minimal asymmetrical forms, but there exists an intimate comfort that accompanies their designs, making life a little more luxurious.

    For Alex, her work is not just about creating a product, but also an exploration into conceptual ideas. One of her favorite themes is the notion of one in many, repeating the same form over and over, but with varying results. "I wanted to design a line which maintains the intent and authenticity of the individually handcrafted piece," says Alex. "Each piece retains its own integrity, seen in the slight asymmetry, while remaining a clean modern form." When stacked, her plates resemble layers of rock or the gentle lines of a palm frond. This paradox of strength and grace is exactly the juxtaposition with which she feels comfortable. Her signature glazes are layered in naturally composed earthy colors and texture.

    All of Alex's pieces feature nature-inspired colors and forms, and they mold comfortably to the human hand, literally connecting the artist to the collector. They are also lead free, microwaveable, residential dishwasher safe, and can be warmed in the oven. Preview the entire collection below. Each item can be purchased from The Linen Tree.