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    Think sublime style, unstinting details, old-world craftsmanship. The charm of classic lines and modern style; sensuous textures and saturated colors that dress your home, your life. This is the essence of ANICHINI.

    Drawing its inspiration from textile traditions the world over - the ANICHINI collection celebrates the extraordinary designs, rare materials, and traditional techniques that are soon to be lost. Refined designs are created with the finest materials available and finished with an exacting construction, resulting in pieces which will stand the test of time. Committed to the pursuit of the genuine article, ANICHINI's line features such delicacies as: Muga silks from Assam, Tibetan cashmere woven in Nepal, and Ottoman inspired tapestries from Turkey. The spirit and integrity which go into the production of ANICHINI textiles makes each piece a valued heirloom, begging to be touched.



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    Please call us at (480) 483-2044 to find out what products are available to purchase in store or by phone.