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Introducing Giza 45 Seta (and more)


New for the Spring, Sferra has introduced Giza 45 Seta. Featuring a nearly 50/50 blend of Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton and exquisite silk fiber, Seta’s two-toned sateen weave lends an especially sumptuous finish. Is it the ultimate in Giza 45 bedding, or the ultimate in silk bedding? You decide.

Other new additions include Dorato, a limited edition duvet cover / sham which is backed in Giza 45 Seta, and a limited edition ‘Unity’ throw blanket. The Unity throw, a special collaboration between actress Lucy Liu and Sferra, features a 100% silk print on the front, and reverses to cashmere. Sferra and Lucy Liu will combine to donate 15% of all Unity sales to the Tory Burch Foundation, a non-profit organization advancing women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. There will be a limited production run of 100 throws.

Both the Giza 45 Seta and Dorato collections are exclusively made to order (allow up to three months for delivery). The Dorato collection must be ordered ASAP to guarantee availability; at last check six of fiteen had been sold.

some pics…

pictured below:  Dorato duvet cover limited edition 

Sferra Dorato

pictured below:  Unity throw blanket limited edition 

Sferra Unity Throw

pictured below:  Ondate duvet & shams

Sferra Ondate - new

pictured below:  Gocce duvet & shams

Sferra Gocce - new

pictured below:  Lipari coverlet & shams, Cossita duvet & shams,

Sferra Lipari & Cossita

pictured below:  Linea duvet & shams

Sferra Linea - new

pictured below:  Farfalla duvet & shams

Sferra Farfalla - new


Ann Gish: new Lookbook



Ann Gish’s new introductions for Spring 2020 mark the first since Ann herself passed away this past August. While she quietly battled cancer, she reportedly left behind designs for lots of future collections, which should continue to roll out over the next couple of years.

Pictured below are a few of the new Spring introductions. For a more complete look at the line, check out Ann Gish’s 2020 Lookbook.

Prism duvet set

pictured above:  Prism duvet set (pictured with Bubble coverlet set)

Tivoli duvet set

pictured above:  Tivoli duvet cover and pillows (89% viscose, duvet cover reverses to fine cotton, pillows reverse to silver satin)

Canvas Stripe and Macau

pictured above:  Canvas Stripe pillow sham (pictured with Macau & Silk Band flat sheet)

Unmazed duvet & pillows

pictured above:  Unmazed duvet cover and pillows (94% viscose with charmeuse flange)

Code by Art of Home

pictured above:  Code duvet set (pictured with Neo coverlet set)

Pastoral Throw & Shams

pictured above:  Pastoral throw blanket & euro shams (velvet reverses to satin)


new Bella Notte~~~


Bella Notte has unveiled it’s Spring 2020 photo shoot – and some new bedding. Two glowing new colors, and a contemporary twist to it’s trademark Linen sheet round out it’s latest line up.

introducing Honeycomb

pictured:  Ines King Shams in Mineral, Linen Sheets in Mineral, Silk Velvet Quilted King Coverlet in Honeycomb new

introducing Austin

pictured:  new Austin Euro Shams in White, Ines Standard Shams in White, Linen Standard Pillowcases in Fog, new Austin Duvet Cover in White, new Austin Quilted Coverlet in Fog

Honeycomb, Rouge, Rosegold plus blues

pictured:  Paloma Standard Pillowcases in Rouge new, Carmen Kidney Pillows in Eucalyptus and Cenote, Paloma Bolsters in Rosegold and Honeycomb new, new Austin Queen Duvet Cover in Rosegold, Silk Velvet Quilted Large Throw Blanket in Eucalyptus, Carmen Personal Comforter in Honeycomb new

Ines & Austin

pictured:  Linen Standard Pillowcases and Sheets in Eucalyptus, Ines Standard Shams and Queen Duvet Cover in Midnight

Austin Quilted Coverlet

pictured:  Frida Deluxe Shams in Parchment, new Austin Quilted King Coverlet in Winter White, Paloma Bolster in Sterling, Delphine Personal Comforter in Sterling

Honeycomb, Rouge, Rosegold bed

pictured:  new Austin Deluxe Shams in Honeycomb new, Paloma Standard Pillowcases in Rouge new, Paloma Bolster in Rosegold, Linen Sheets in Rouge new, new Austin Queen Duvet Cover in Honeycomb new


New Mike + Ally…


Mike + Ally has unveiled their Spring 2020 catalog. view the catalog here

Here’s a quick look at a few of the new collections.

Mike + Ally Boquuet Bath Accessories

pictured:  Bouquet

Mike + Ally Fiona Bath Accessories

pictured:  Fiona

Mike + Ally Roxy Bath Accessories

pictured:  Roxy

Mike + Ally Coco Bath Accessories

pictured:  Coco


S.C.C. Field Trip @ The Linen Tree


The Linen Tree is proud to maintain a relationship with Scottsdale Community College – home to the longest running interior design program in Arizona. Last week, we hosted this semester’s fabrics class to show them some ropes, and to present our bi-annual Linen Tree scholarship.

This semester, congratulations go to Melissa Sadowski. After finishing at SCC, she plans to attend NAU for commercial design.

S.C.C. Field Trip

Melissa Sadowski


Bella Notte: upcoming discos


Bella Notte will be discontinuing several collections, including some long-standing collections, by the end of the calendar year. If you have purchased from these collections and would like to order more, order now to ensure availability.

Bella Notte Helane


Bella Notte Valentina

to be discontinued:  Valentina   UPDATE 12/2019 – BELLA IS SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR THE KIDNEY PILLOW

Bella Notte Satin Skirt

to be discontinued:  Satin Bed Skirts   UPDATE 12/2019 – BELLA IS SOLD OUT

Bella Notte Josephine

to be discontinued:  Josephine   UPDATE 12/2019 – BELLA IS SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR THE GUEST TOWEL

Bella Notte Seville

to be discontinued:  Seville   UPDATE 12/2019 – BELLA IS SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR THE QUEEN BEDSKIRT


Fall Bedding Intros


Here’s a quick look at some Fall introductions from Sferra, Yves Delorme, Peacock Alley, Christian Fischbacher and Matouk.

Sferra Missio

pictured above:  Missio by Sferra  online 

Sferra Borsetto (tartan)

pictured above:  Borsetto by Sferra  in stock  online 

Sferra Sastina

pictured above:  Sastina by Sferra  online 

Sferra Idetta

pictured above:  Idetta by Sferra  online 

Sferra Nalia

pictured above:  Nalia by Sferra  in stock  online 

Yves Delorme Leonor

pictured above:  Leonor by Yves Delorme  view catalog 

Yves Delorme Palmio

pictured above:  Palmio by Yves Delorme  view catalog 

Bel Ami Ivoire

pictured above:  Bel Ami Ivoire by Yves Delorme  view catalog 

Yves Delorme Herba

pictured above:  Herba by Yves Delorme  view catalog 

Yves Delorme Luna

pictured above:  Luna by Yves Delorme  view catalog 

Peacock Alley Prescott

pictured above:  Prescott Plaid by Peacock Alley  online 

Peacock Alley Maddox

pictured above:  Maddox Plaid by Peacock Alley  online 

Fischbacher From Above

pictured above:  “From Above” and “Show Me The Way” by Christian Fischbacher

Christan Fischbacher Sol

pictured above:  Sol by Christian Fischbacher

Pacific coverlet

pictured above:  Pacific by Matouk

Virginia by Matouk

pictured above:  Virginia by Matouk


Sferra Trunk Show & Holiday Prep Weekend: 9/27-9/29


Sferra Trunk Show all weekend 9/27-9/29

It’s that time – time to prepare for holiday entertainment! Throughout the weekend beginning Friday, September 27th, we will have an expert from Sferra on hand to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect bed linens and custom table linens, arriving in time for Thanksgiving. We will also be offering special savings, giving away door prizes, and selling Care Cards. Contact us for more details, or to schedule a one on one appointment.


Peacock Alley: fall discos


This just in: Peacock Alley has announced its discontinuations for the fall. Amongst collections being discontinued are Alena, Baroque, Charlotte, Lizbeth, Marcella and Penelope. These are all collections that we have stocked in the past, and a few of these collections have been around for more than five years.

If you have purchased from these collections in the past – this is your last chance to order more! These collections will remain available only while supplies last.

Alena in Aqua

discontinued:  Alena

Baroque in Linen

discontinued:  Baroque


discontinued:  Charlotte


discontinued:  Lizbeth

Marcella in Mist

discontinued:  Marcella


discontinued:  Penelope


in memory of Ann Gish


It is with sadness that we inform you of the passing of Ann Gish Phillips, better known publicly by her maiden name of Ann Gish. Ann, the founder and CEO of Ann Gish Inc, passed away last Friday following a two year battle with lung cancer.

An esteemed designer and entrepreneur, Ann had her hands all over her company’s exquisite bedding collections. Those who have been touched by her bedding – or who otherwise would like to send condolences to her family – are encouraged to send cards to Ann Gish Inc, 857 Elm Street, West Springfield, MA 01089. Any donations should be made to City Harvest or to Smile Train.

The complete text of Ann Gish Inc’s press release can be read below.

Ann Gish Phillips



5th, 2019

Ann Gish & The Art of Home has announced the death of the company’s founder, Ann Gish Phillips.  Her daughter Jane Gish will assume the position of CEO, with CFO David Phillips and National Sales Manager Derrick Ricketts continuing in their respective roles. 

Jane shared “Ann had been dealing with a lung cancer diagnosis very privately for a little over two years, and her disease had been very stable for some time – until several weeks ago. Her passing came sooner and far more quickly than we all expected, but she passed without pain or fear, and with bravery.”

“After her diagnosis in May 2017, she had continued to work because she loved what she did – she still felt she had so much to design, to make, to create. We still have several years of designs she had planned for future collections – she was truly prolific. We also have had the luxury of being able to plan for a secure, organized business transition – and now we know what to do.”

Patricia Holley, who had worked with Ann over many years and recently began collaborating with Ann on designs, will continue in that role. “Ann was a mentor and an inspiration to me in so many ways. Her talent was innate and exceptional, as was her entrepreneurial vision. Everything she created was beautiful, elegant, unique and special. As a friend, she was always direct, honest and would say exactly what she thought; and it always made me laugh.” 

Many of her connections in the design world became true friends. Josh Jarboe, VP of Sales at Four Hands, said, “Ann approached life and design fearlessly.  She continually explored new expressions of beauty, luxury, and comfort through her work.  Ann approached cancer with the same fearlessness.  Her resolve was rock solid, and her strong belief in her ability to overcome kept her buoyant and optimistic throughout her treatments.  Her keen sense of humor, her clarity amid chaos, and her courageous spirit were never tamped down.  Up until the very end, Ann was Ann.”

David Gebhart, CEO of Global Views, which licensed & launched Ann’s first collections of furniture designs, recalls,“Ann truly saw things differently than most designers. She always was the most creative person in the room when it came to soft goods designs, but she shocked me by coming up with totally unique materials and ways to make important pieces of furniture too.  Combining materials that most people had not yet thought to combine she created two iconic furniture collections with my company.  We were both so proud of what we achieved together, but I can tell you – none of it would have happened if Ann had not come up to me directly and said “I’ve got a great bed I want you to make for me”. And it didn’t stop with just a bed. Along came the next idea, and the next idea and the next idea. She was prolific beyond words.  She even built Styrofoam models of furniture items she wanted to “pitch” to me to help her get made – just to make sure her proportions and dimensions were good. She even attempted to sit in a Styrofoam model chair at some point, and I think she must have crashed through it, but she swore to me ‘it was a very, very comfortable chair – before my butt caused it to collapse’.”   

Jane continued, “I just loved working with my mom. Part of our desire to continue the company is to both honor her legacy and connect with a big part of who she was.  We have an incredible team in place with David, Derrick, Patricia, Rebecca [Morhaim] and our sales reps. I know she would be proud of what we will accomplish.”

David shared, “I have lived and worked with Ann for a week short of 21 years. I would repeat every single minute if I could. We have grown and navigated the business together through many changes and countries, a few mistakes and thousands of wonderful experiences. The business is stronger today than ever with new company-owned headquarters in West
Springfield, Massachusetts. I eagerly look forward to my new partnership with Jane and the team but will miss Ann with all my heart.”

Ann is survived by her husband David; children Noah, Theo, Jane; stepchildren Ben and Chiara; daughter-in-law Natalie; son-in-law Kris; six grandchildren, and sisters Ilene, Geraldine, and Deborah. Should anyone wish to send a card, please mail to Ann Gish Inc., 857 Elm Street, West Springfield, MA 01089. Donations can be made to City Harvest or Smile Train.


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