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Welcome to The Linen Times


We at The Linen Tree would like to welcome you to our new blog! As we continue to revamp our website, we plan to use this blog as a central means of introducing our customers to new products, new ideas and much more. We also intend to use this blog for communicating with our customers – answering common concerns, and more importantly, providing a means for you, the customer, to communicate with both us and fellow customers within an informal, public forum.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that this is just part of what we are currently working on in regards to improving our web operations. Please note that we have many products and brands that are physically in-stock at our retail store but are not currently on our website – and for each one of those products there are many more that are generally available for purchase through us. This is slowly changing, but for the time being it is all part of a gradual process designed to keep our customers better informed, and to better utilize our web presence in order to enhance customer service.

Do you have any ideas for us to consider? Comment below and let us know!

Check back soon for more updates. Slowly but surely, they are coming. We promise.

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