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Introducing Dr. Paolo Vranjes



Dr. Paolo Vranjes, better known as the one and only Dr. Vranjes, is a pharmacist, chemist, cosmetologist, and above all else a passionate perfumer. He founded the Antica Officina del Farmicista, in Florence, in 1983; this is where he creates his unique fragrances and more. He grew his passion for perfumes as a child, his curiosity sparked by his grandfather’s collection of rare and costly perfumes.

Today, his inspired fragrances are influenced by those rare and costly perfumes, and he uses his skills as a chemist to refine them further. Each product is a perfect combination of innovative technology, experience, tradition, and tireless research sparked by a genuine passion for the art of fragrance. He creates his fragrances using organic, natural oils in a higher concentration than most perfumers; many of the essences are derived directly from local Florentine plants and flowers. Exotic essences from around the world are also used as needed. He has an exceptional talent for blending these essences, evidenced by the fact that his products can now be found at some of the finest hotels across Italy, Europe, and beyond.

We currently have a good selection of Dr. Vranjes reed diffusers in stock. Beautifully packaged and even more beautifully scented, they make for great gifts this holiday season (for yourself or for others). Other items may be available via special order. We will likely have such items uploaded to our site in the near future. For the time being, the photos below do not do justice to these fine scents…we completely recommend stopping by and smelling them…





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