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Introducing custom upholstery @ The Linen Tree


Did you know that The Linen Tree sells furniture? We offer a full array of home furnishings, custom upholstery, and even design services if needed, making us a one stop shop for all of your home decor needs. We are capable of helping you design the perfect bedroom, living room, even your patio.

Over the coming months, when you step on to our newly revamped sales floor, you will likely find a few select home furnishing pieces featuring custom upholstery supplied by brands such as Kravet. What is really cool about Kravet’s upholstery line is that there are so many options to choose from. For each upholstery collection, you may choose from literally thousands of different finishes incorporating your desired combination of fabrics, colors and designs.

Let’s take a look at Kravet’s Malibu Sofa upholstery collection, as an example. We will illustrate just a few possibilities for customization, and below we will show you how you may easily design your own Malibu Sofa inside Kravet’s virtual showroom. Of course, feel free to swing by our store to take a more hands-on approach to customization.

Sofa #1 – Body: Linen 27591.1166; Welt: Linen 27591.1166;
Seat Cushion: Linen 27591.1166;


Sofa #2 – Body: Velvet 28701.81; Welt: Vinyl RINKHALS.11;
Seat Cushion: Suede 30787.111;


Sofa #3 – Body: Embroidery 32875.730; Welt: Linen 30983.5;
Seat Cushion: Embroidery 30185.519;


Sofa #4 – Body: Velvet 31469.616; Welt: Velvet 31469.616;
Seat Cushion: Velvet 31469.616;


Sofa #5 – Body: Linen LIMITLESS.5; Welt: Velvet 32565.505;
Seat Cushion: Velvet VERSAILLES.E25205;


Sofa #6 – Body: Denim/Twill 31100.50; Welt: Chenille 28735.1;
Seat Cushion: Suede 31988.435;


And you can design your own Malibu Sofa. Play with the various options below, or click here to open Kravet’s virtual showroom in a new window. Anything you design can be purchased from The Linen Tree.



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