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Bella Notte: fall intros


Bella Notte’s new fall introductions include a vintage multi-tone floral embroidery pattern, a colorful throw pillow adorned by blooming flowers, and two sophisticated new colors. Thus far, there have been no discos announced; the new additions put Bella’s current lineup at 20 collections and 16 dye colors.

Lynette features a vintage chinoiserie inspired floral embroidery atop Bella’s softly textured silk velvet fabric. The embroidery pattern is comprised of both cotton thread, which absorbs dye and takes on a lighter shade of the base fabric color, and pale gold accents, which remain pale gold regardless of the dye applied. Available as a personal comforter, throw pillow, and Euro sham, Lynette backs to a midweight linen.

A sister collection to Rosalina, Fleur features vibrant blooms digitally printed in gradiated watercolor hues atop glowing silk charmeuse throw pillows. Like Rosalina, Fleur is available in “warm” and “cool” color schemes, and has been designed for mixing and matching across Bella’s full color palette. However, Fleur’s beauty is a bit more striking relative to Rosalina’s more subtle beauty.

Lastly, Jade and Mahogany round out Bella’s color palette. Jade, a rich verdant green with subtle blue undertones, can be considered a darker, more sophisticated alternative to Eucalyptus. Mahogany, a deep mahogany, serves as a darker, and deeper alternative to Rosegold.

UPDATE: Bella Notte has let us know that it will be retiring its Marseille and Olivia collections. Short notice and short supply: Marseille and Olivia are available while supplies last – which will not be for long. If you have purchased from either collection and would like to purchase more, contact us asap, and we will see what we can do for you.

In photos…

Vienna, Helane, Fleur

pictured:  Vienna Deluxe Shams in Rouge, Helane Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Helane Kidney Pillow in Eucalyptus, Fleur Accent Pillow new in Warm, Vienna Coverlet in Rouge, Helane Personal Comforter in Mahogany new

Fleur pillows in Cool

pictured:  Fleur 24×24 Throw Pillow new in Cool, Carmen Personal Comforter in Cenote, Fleur Accent Pillow  new in Cool,

Lynette Dec Pillows

pictured:  Lynette Throw Pillows new in Rosegold, Mahogany new, Rouge, and Pearl, Carmen Kidney Pillow in Cloud

Lynette + Frida

pictured:  Austin Deluxe Shams in Winter White, Frida Pillowcases in Winter White, Lynette Euro Sham new in Winter White, Lynette Accent Pillows new in Honeycomb, Frida Flat Sheet in Winter White, Lynette Personal Comforter  new in Honeycomb, Linen Duvet Cover in Winter White

Vienna, Helane, Fleur

pictured:  Silk Velvet Quilted Deluxe Shams in Mahogany new, Paloma Pillowcases in Rosegold, Paloma Pillowcase in Mahogany new, Paloma Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Fleur 24×24 Throw Pillow new in Warm, Madera Luxe Flat Sheet in Rosegold, Silk Velvet Quilted Coverlet in Mahogany new, Carmen Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Loulah Large Throw Blanket in Rosegold

Linen Whisper and Lynette

pictured:  Linen Whisper Deluxe Shams in Mineral, Linen Whisper Pillowcases in Cloud, Linen Flat Sheet in Winter White, Linen Fitted Sheet in Winter White, Lynette Accent Pillow new in Fog, Linen Whisper Duvet Cover in Mineral


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