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introducing K三 (for Sferra)


Sferra’s collaboration with the late, and legendary fashion designer Kenzo Takada is all about Kenzo Takada, and his vision for the home. Initially announced in January at Maison & Objet, Kenzo’s K三 (K-3) collection features furniture, ceramics, rugs, linens and more, and was created with the assistance of several manufacturing partners, including Sferra. While there are many individuals who have helped to bring K三 to life, the name of the collection references the three main collaborators behind the project — managing partner Jonathan Bouchet Manheim, creative partner Engelbert Honorat, and of course Kenzo himself.

Known for his beaming smile and mischievous theatrics, Kenzo’s innovative style became well known for it’s unexpected combinations of Parisian fashion with the colors and poetry of his native Japan. Having risen to fame as a women’s fashion icon, Kenzo spent much of the past two decades expanding his horizons, painting art and designing upholstery fabrics as well as other furnishings for the home. He launched K三 at the age of 80. Intended to be a luxury home and lifestyle brand, K三 can be considered a culmination of sorts for Kenzo – especially so now that he has passed away. Sadly, Kenzo Takada died in October of complications resulting from Covid-19.

The K三 brand has been inspired by Eastern and Western influences, with a modern twist. As part of the brand’s visual identity, most pieces bear a kintsugi mark; the Japanese art of kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. The line has been divided into three collections of sorts. The nature-themed Sakura collection aspires for harmony and tranquillity through intricate floral motifs in soft pastels. By contrast, Maiko boasts vibrant reds and pinks, accented by geometric contrasts and gold accents – the collection echoes the delicate and refined spirit of the Maikos, “apprentice Geishas” who are renowned for their kimonos, as well as their delicate red and white makeup. Lastly, Shogun employs dramatic black and ivory monochromes to make a powerful statement.

Below is a preview of the three collections, with particular attention paid to many of the items that we are able to order through Sferra. The bedding collections and cushions have been manufactured by Sferra, and several ceramic pieces are additionally available through Sferra. Note that while these items can be ordered by The Linen Tree, quantities may be limited, and some items will be made custom to order. Other items in the collection may be available through other suppliers, or at the K三 showroom in France; if you see something you like, we can look into it for you.

K3 Sakura collection
from the Sakura collection…

Sferra Hana Maru duvet cover

pictured above:  Hana Maru duvet cover

Sferra Kaede Cushion ivory

pictured above:  Kaede cushion in Ivory

Sferra Hanataba Tall Vase

pictured above:  Hanataba Tall Vase

Sferra Kiriko Cushion

pictured above:  Hana Kiriko cushion in Ivory and Gold

Sferra Kikyo pillowcase

pictured above:  Kikyo pillowcase

Sferra Yutaka vase

pictured above:  Yukata vase

Sferra Hanatsugi Pouf

pictured above:  Hanatsugi Pouf in Ivory

Sferra Kiku Awase

pictured above:  Kiku Awase cushion

Sferra Kori cushion

pictured above:  Kori cushion in Ivory

Sferra Butterfly cushion

pictured above:  Butterfly cushion in Ivory

K3 Maiko collection
from the Maiko collection…

Sferra Hanabatake duvet cover

pictured above:  Hanabatake duvet cover

Sferra Kishima cushion

pictured above:  Kishima cushion

Ikat flat sheet

pictured above:  Maiko Ikat flat sheet

Aka tall vase

pictured above:  Aka tall vase

Aka wide vase

pictured above:  Aka wide vase

Maiko Phoenix cushion

pictured above:  Phoenix cushion

Maiko Hanatsugi cushion

pictured above:  Hanatsugi cushion in Red

Maiko Hanatsugi cushion

pictured above:  Butterfly cushion in Red

K3 Shogun collection
from the Shogun collection…

Sferra Shogun Kima cushion

pictured above:  Kima cushion

Sferra Shogun Kaede cushion

pictured above:  Kaede cushion in Black & White

Shogun Hana Kasuri duvet cover

pictured above:  Hana Kasuri duvet cover

Shogun Ikat flat sheet

pictured above:  Shogun Ikat flat sheet

Sferra Shogun Tamashi vases

pictured above:  Tamashi vases

Sferra Shogun Tamashi jar

pictured above:  Tamashi jar

Sferra Shogun Ike vases

pictured above:  Ike vases

Sferra Shogun Pivoine cushion

pictured above:  Pivoine cushion

Sferra Shogun Kori pouf

pictured above:  Kori pouf in Black and Gold

Shogun Hana Kiriko cushion

pictured above:  Hana Kiriko cushion in Black and Gold

Sferra Shogun Sempu jars

pictured above:  Sempu jars


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