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New Jan Barboglio – in stock


Jan Barboglio’s Spring 2021 collection has been inspired by the concept of Blessings – a classic Jan Barboglio theme than Jan has chosen to emphasize now more than ever before. As of yesterday, we already have several of the new pieces on our floor, and others remain on order. You can view most of the new pieces in Jan’s Spring 2021 catalog. Scroll below to view some of the new items we currently have in stock.
We were all reminded that we have so many things to be thankful for. Taking them for granted is no longer an option. This season we were inspired by the beautiful notion of Blessings, both counting them and giving them.
‘Salud y benidiciones’ to all.


Rosa Cross Blessing

pictured above:  Rosa Cross Blessing  in stock 

Una Nina sculpture

pictured above:  Una Niña Sculpture  in stock 

Ezekiel sculpture

pictured above:  Ezekiel Sculpture  in stock 

Ezekiel sculpture

pictured above:  Ezekiel Sculpture – Nickel finish  in stock 

Candelitas Pajaritos

pictured above:  Candelitas Pajaritos  in stock 

Acanalada Frida Decanter

pictured above:  Acanalada Frida Decanter  in stock 

Acanalado Lily Decanter

pictured above:  Acanalado Lily Decanter  in stock 

Florece Bowl

pictured above:  Florece Bowl  in stock 

Cerámica Blanca Chica

pictured above:  Cerámica Blanca Chica Platter  in stock 

Cerámica bath accessories

pictured above:  Cerámica bath accessories  in stock 

Destino Dish

pictured above:  Destino Dish  in stock 

En Familia Cross

pictured above:  En Familia Cross  in stock 

Houseblessing Paper Towel Holder

pictured above:  Houseblessing Paper Towel Holder  in stock 

Houseblessing TP Holder

pictured above:  Houseblessing TP Holder  in stock 

El Caballero & El Chango

pictured above:  El Caballero & El Chango Pillows  in stock 


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