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Sferra 2021 intros


In 1891, Gennaro Sferra left Italy for the United States with a trunk full of handmade Venetian lace, and a vision of the American Dream. Today, his legacy lives on through the brand that he spawned. While it might not represent such a major milestone in the grand scheme, Sferra has begun to mark its 130th anniversary with some special new additions – including an updated take on Celeste, and a new limited edition collection that is instantly amongst its most opulent, and interesting collections.

Pettine adorns Sferra’s best selling Celeste sheet with embroidered, scalloped edges as well as a lined, satin stitch border. It is a new and fanciful take on Celeste, without sacrificing the concept of simple elegance. Choose from a duvet cover, flat sheet, and an array of shams; just one piece can liven your bed. Meanwhile…

Moda, Sferra’s latest limited edition collection, is an opulent study in contrast and versatility. The centerpiece of the collection is the duvet cover, featuring white 100% Giza 45 Egyptian cotton percale fabric adorned with lively green two-tone satin stitch embroidery along its hem, as well as a more subtle U-shaped pattern in the center, framing a detachable 100% silk scarf – which can serve as a decorative centerpiece on your bed, or can be worn as a scarf. The scarf itself features vivid blooms layered over the faint watermark of SFERRA’s lace ball logo, all printed on luxurious silk. Matching shams feature 100% printed silk backing to Egyptian cotton.

In case that was hard to visualize – no worries. Below are pictures of Moda, Pettine, and a variety of other brand new additions to Sferra’s line.

If you missed it, also check out Sferra’s new K三 collection, a collaboration with the late Kenzo Takada

pictured below:  Moda duvet cover and shams limited edition 

Sferra Moda duvet & shams

pictured below:  Moda up close limited edition 

Sferra Moda up close

pictured below:  Pettine bed, pictured with a Lassia throw blanket

Sferra Pettine and Lassia

pictured below:  Striscia duvet & shams, pictured with a Palmilla throw blanket and a Lesina dec pillow

Striscia and Palmilla

pictured below:  Abriana duvet & shams, pictured with a Lineare dec pillow and a Bosa multi-colored bed scarf

Abriana, Lineare, and Bosa

pictured below:  Fiore duvet & shams

Sferra Fiore

pictured below:  Graticcio duvet & shams

Sferra Graticcio

pictured below:  Spello duvet & shams, pictured with Pettine pillowcases and an Aurora throw blanket

Spello, Pettine, Aurora

pictured below:  Spello quilt

Spello quilted comforter


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