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1st look: new Sferra


In 1891, Gennaro Sferra left Italy for the United States with a trunk full of handmade Venetian lace, and a vision of the American Dream. In January, Sferra several new collections to commemorate its 130th Anniversary, including Moda, an opulent limited edition collection which remains available at last check. Now, we have just received a copy of Sferra’s newest catalog, which includes some beautiful new introductions for the fall, including ten new bedding collections.

The star of this show is clearly Cadetto, Sferra’s latest and perhaps most interesting limited edition collection. Cadetto duvet covers and shams seamlessly combine traditional, tailored sophistication with ease, comfort, warmth, and a touch of sparkle. The collection features a sumptuous Alpaca blend base in a neutral grey, contrasted with a metallic gold border and a charcoal colored trim that features a refined blend of acrylic, wool, polyester, mohair and silk. The name? It actually comes from the antique military fashion coats that inspired the collection, a fitting touch to commemorate a 130th Anniversary.

The Cadetto bed is complimented by Sferra’s new Jeno throw, and gradiated ombre throw woven with a special blend of extra-fine Merino and Angora wools. It is available in a Black/Grey color scheme which literally matches Cadetto, and also in a Burgundy/Grey variety designed to flatter Cadetto. Lastly, the Burano dec pillow has been introduced to optionally complete the bed; it features a “Merlot” red base with a white border and a metallic ombre emblem.

In pictures…

Sferra Cadetto

pictured:  Cadetto   pictured with a Jeno throw and a Burano dec pillow

Sferra Blumi

pictured:  Blumi   layered with intricate golden leaves

Sferra Corda

pictured:  Corda   braided chain motifs in hematite and white yarns

Sferra Emilia

pictured:  Emilia   exquisite printed lace pattern in soft ivory and black tones

Sferra Felino

pictured:  Felino   tiger print reverses to leopard print

Sferra Flores

pictured:  Flores   watery brush strokes of picturesque blooms

Sferra Tronto

pictured:  Tronto   dimensional plaid jacquard

Sferra Gaeta

pictured:  Gaeta   matelasse coverlet

Sferra Colorato

pictured:  Colorato   playful Alpaca blend throw

Sferra Siusi

pictured:  Siusi   unique ikat dec pillow

Sferra Jeno

pictured:  Jeno   gradiated Merino blend throw blanket

Sferra Burano

pictured:  Burano   Merlot-dyed velvet dec pillow

Sferra Venezia

pictured:  Venezia   embroidered linen napkin

Sferra Catania

pictured:  Catania   tulip wood picture frame


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