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Last year, Abyss & Habidecor introduced a small but special 40th Anniversary collection. It included a new color, Emerald (in Portugal emerald is the gemstone that represents the 40th Anniversary), and nine new rugs. As it turns out, much more had been planned in celebration of Abyss & Habidecor’s milestone, but was delayed due to the pandemic…

This fall, Abyss & Habidecor will be releasing an exciting assortment of 20 new Super Pile colors, 23 new rugs, 15 new towels, 4 new robes, 6 new slipper pairs (including Super Pile slippers), as well as a small variety of new tote bags. We look forward to sharing photography with you and more; for now, you can preview the overhauled collection below, and the new color lineup here. Please note: new items (and colors) will not be available for order until September.

AND, in with the new means out with the old. Abyss & Habidecor will be discontinuing 20 colors, 18 rugs, and 7 bath towels in addition to some beach collections and kids collections. You may view the full list of discontinued collections and colors here. While discontinued items are likely to remain available for order through the fall months, place your orders early to guarantee availability.

Here is the new lineup, in a nutshell…

Abyss & Habidecor 40th Anniversary Fall '21




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Feast #lobjethaasbrothers

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Our White Sale comes to an end in a few days. Many of the closeouts we have left on hand will remain marked down and available for purchase throughout the month of August. As for everything else we have in stock – 20% off ends Saturday. Amongst our current inventory, here are some highlights…

Giza 45 Seta

pictured:  Giza 45 Seta by Sferra  (half Giza 45 cotton, half silk) 

on our floor:  one King sheet set (plus various Giza 45 sateen/percale sheets)  

Habidecor Emerald Rug

pictured:  Emerald Rug by Abyss & Habidecor  (part of Abyss’ 40th Anniversary collection) 

on our floor:  one rug (30″ x 47″)  

Girasol par Palomas

pictured:  Girasol par Palomas Candelabra by Jan Barboglio  (detachable, multifunctional base) 

on our floor:  one Girasol par Palomas Candelabra  

Corail by Celso de Lemos

pictured:  Corail duvet cover by Celso de Lemos   

on our floor:  one King duvet cover  

Sferra Nalia

pictured:  Nalia duver cover by Sferra   

on our floor:  King and Queen duvet sets (one each)  

Habidecor Look Rug

pictured:  Look Rug by Abyss & Habidecor  (part of Abyss’ 40th Anniversary collection) 

on our floor:  one rug (23″ x 39″)  

SDH Legna Classic in Shark

pictured:  Legna Classic by SDH  (in Shark) 

on our floor:  King and Queen sheets sets in Cloud (one each)  

Ann Gish Pastoral

pictured:  Pastoral throw and shams by Ann Gish   

on our floor:  one set  

Mi Tesoro Candle

pictured:  ‘Mi Tesoro’ Candle by Jan Barboglio   

on our floor:  about ten candles  





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The most adorable Muddy Buddy

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Brief reminder: our sales floor is updated more often and more extensively than our website. Stop by today, and here is some of the new merchandise you might see. Of course, you can always shop us by phone as well. (these are actual snaps from our sales floor)

Pine Cone Hill Yasmin & Kenya

pictured above:  Jasmine Linen dec pillows and throw (bottom), Kenya embroidered dec pillow (top) by Pine Cone Hill

Sferra Cossita duvet cover

pictured above:  Cossita duvet cover by Sferra

Abyss & Habidecor Bosa rug

pictured above:  Bosa rug by Abyss & Habidecor

Yves Delorme Naussica bed

pictured above:  Naussica duvet cover and shams by Yves Delorme, Corinth Chenille throw by Pine Cone Hill, assorted dec pillows by D.V. Kap and Yves Delorme

Pine Cone Hill Manisa Dec Pillow

pictured above:  Manisa Linen dec pillow by Pine Cone Hill

Bolero by V Rugs & Home

pictured above:  Bolero “Pouf” (ottoman), Bolero dec pillow, and Darcy dec pillow, all by V Rugs and Home (Sophia sham by Amity Home pictured in background)

Abyss & Habidecor Look rug

pictured above:  Look rug by Abyss & Habidecor

Sferra, Lili Alessandra, Sivaana

pictured above:  Ondate duvet cover by Sferra, Water Drops lumbar dec pillow by Sivaana, and Geo dec pillows by Lili Alessandra

Pastoral by Ann Gish

pictured above:  Pastoral throw & dec pillow by Ann Gish

Ann Gish Prism and Bubble bed

pictured above:  Prism duvet cover and shams, Bubble coverlet and shams, Ribbon throw and dec pillow, and Duchess lumbar pillow, all by Ann Gish. Also pictured: Orlo shams by Sferra

Loloi pillow, Uttermost, Currey & Co

pictured above:  Aira Bird Figurines by Uttermost, dec pillow by Loloi, assorted lamps by Uttermost and Currey & Co

Sari Silk pillow by Loloi

pictured above:  Sari Silk dec pillow by Loloi

Amity Home Cambria and Kirk

pictured above:  Cambria duvet cover and Kirk reversible quilted coverlet by Amity Home, assorted dec pillows and shams by D.V. Kap, Yves Delorme, and Amity Home

Matouk Cabana, Pacific, Habidecor Avril

pictured above:  Cabana blanket and Pacific coverlet by Matouk, Avril rug and Super Pile towels by Abyss & Habidecor

Indus Large Wooden Leaf

pictured above:  Large Wooden Leaf by Indus Design Imports, Coral dec pillow by Loloi in background

Lili Alessandra bed

pictured above:  Applique bed scarf, Soho duvet cover and euro pillows, and assorted dec pillows by Lili Alessandra, Art Deco boudoir pillow by Sivaana, Perla dec pillow by Sferra




Abyss & Habidecor has introduced a slew of new rugs, as well as a new Super Pile color, to mark it’s 40th Anniversary. If you would like to take a closer look at these rugs, just stop by! We have most of them either in stock or on order.

Abyss & Habidecor 40th Anniversary

Emerald, the new color

Emerald, the new rug

Habidecor Agata rug

Habidecor Aquazura rug

Habidecor Avril rug

Habidecor Kapi rug

Habidecor Bosa rug

Habidecor Look rug

Habidecor Peaux rug

Habidecor New Twist rug

the end




Abyss & Habidecor’s new catalogue was officially released last week. Here are some highlights.

pictured:  Abyss Gloria towel  new  in stock 

pictured:  ‘Calm’ Rug  new 

pictured:  Super Twill towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Super Pile towels  new colors  in stock 

pictured:  Cora rug  new  in stock 

pictured:  Marbre towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Elysee Rug  in stock 

pictured:  Galli Rug  new 

pictured:  Baobab Rug  new 

pictured:  Montana hand towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Legend guest towel set  new 

pictured:  Brighton Rug

pictured:  Cannes beach towel  new 

pictured:  Shagreen rug  new 

pictured:  Granite towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Stone rug

pictured:  James rug  new 

pictured:  Abelha towels  new 

pictured:  Goia rug  new 




After discontinuing 13 Super Pile colors, 21 rug styles, 6 towel styles and 3 robe styles (many of the discontinued items remain available for purchase for a limited time), Abyss & Habidecor is introducing 13 new colors, 18 new rug styles, 10 new towel collections, and one new robe. We recently had the pleasure of sampling Abyss’ new collections up close and in person. Below are several of the new additions to the line.

Abyss Super Twill

pictured: Super Twill Abyss’ mid-weight Twill towel has long been a popular towel. Extra long staple cotton is woven in three directions, providing less lint, a drier towel, and lighter-weight durability. Enter Super Twill – the texture has been exaggerated and the towel more plush. It weighs 20% more than the standard Twill towel (but still 15% less than Abyss’ flagship Super Pile towel).

The collection is officially available in nine colors, but can be purchased in any standard Abyss color for a 15% upcharge.


cloe, marbre, joia

pictured: Cloé rug, Marbre towel, Joia towel Simple, stylish, and plush, Habidecor’s new Cloé rug weighs 10% more (per meter squared) than the flagship Must rug. It is made of 90% long staple Egyptian Cotton, 5% Acryl, and 5% Lurex. Pictured with it is: Abyss’ new Marbre towel – a soft, lightweight towel with a fashion print featuring 50% extra long staple Egyptian Cotton and 50% modal; and Abyss’ new Joia towel – a lightweight spa inspired towel with just a touch of sparkle, one side has a very smooth texture and the other a classic terry weave. All three collections come available in shades of gold and silver.


Element towel

pictured: Element towel Similar to Abyss’ Joia towel, Element is a spa inspired towel featuring a soft and smooth texture on one side, and a classic terry weave on the other. It has a simpler style, but is available in more colors.


Habidecor Cora, Abyss Abelha

pictured: Cora rug, Abelha towel Abyss’ new Ableha towel, pictured atop the new Habidecor Cora rug, is a soft middle-weight towel woven of extra long staple Egyptian cotton. The band at its end features a contrasted texture and can be used as a scrub.


Habidecor Sakura rug

pictured: Sakura rug (pictured atop Cora)


Abyss Gloria towel

pictured: Gloria towel Abyss’ new Gloria looks sort of like a rug or mat – but it’s actually a delicately woven towel. It weighs slightly less than Abyss’ Twill towel, and is also woven of extra long staple Egyptian Cotton. It coordinates great with Habidecor’s longstanding Brighton rug.


Habidecor Galli rug

pictured: Galli rug We liked this one so much, we bought inventory ahead of time.


Abyss Montana towel

pictured: Montana towel This middle-weight towel features extra long staple Egyptian Cotton woven to a velvety velour in a “v” shaped pattern.


Saxo hand towels

pictured: Saxo towel Simple, soft, cozy; the cool thing about Abyss’ new Saxo is that it is also available as a tub mat, shower curtain, hooded robe, hair wrap, slipper, and bag.


Granite towels

pictured: Granite towel This middleweight towel features extra long staple Egyptian Cotton and bright, yet subdued color along a band at its end. The color band has an exfoliating texture and can be used as a scrub.

other highlights

Habidecor Arti rug Arti Rug
Habidecor Baltus rug Baltus Rug
Habidecor Baobab rug Baobab Rug
Habidecor Cactus rug Cactus Rug
Habidecor Calm rug Calm Rug
Habidecor Cocotte rug Cocotte Rug
Habidecor Madura rug Madura Rug
Habidecor Malibu rug Malibu Rug
Habidecor Paros rug Paros Rug
Habidecor Shagreen rug Shagreen Rug
new Pousada colors new Pousada colors
Cannes beach towel Cannes beach towel
Farol beach towel Farol beach towel
bag “Bag”
Legend Legend stack



Abyss & Habidecor is gearing up for its biggest line change in years. 13 Super Pile colors, 21 rug styles, 6 towel styles and 3 robe styles have been discontinued and remain available for only a limited time. If your favorite colors or collections happen to have been discontinued – this will be your last chance to purchase more!

Also, stay tuned for a preview of new merchandise that is expected to be available within the next month or so. Abyss & Habidecor will be introducing 13 new colors, 18 new rug styles, 10 new towel collections, and one new robe.

Below is the full list of impending discos.


211 Citronelle
231 Lime
290 Peppermint
490 Purple
556 Cayenne
585 Crocus
590 Corail
611 Vibrant
670 Tandori
772 Dark Brown
773 Pepper
778 Tobacco
885 Camel





Robes & Accessories


Update 5/15 – Elysee and Karat rugs are not being discontinued. Pousada is being discontinued in colors 302, 402, 590, and 635. Bay and Kelly rugs are not being discontinued, but select colors will now be available only by custom order, and will accordingly cost extra. All discontinued items remain available until further notice – but that further notice may come at any moment.



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