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Bella Notte’s new fall introductions include a vintage multi-tone floral embroidery pattern, a colorful throw pillow adorned by blooming flowers, and two sophisticated new colors. Thus far, there have been no discos announced; the new additions put Bella’s current lineup at 20 collections and 16 dye colors.

Lynette features a vintage chinoiserie inspired floral embroidery atop Bella’s softly textured silk velvet fabric. The embroidery pattern is comprised of both cotton thread, which absorbs dye and takes on a lighter shade of the base fabric color, and pale gold accents, which remain pale gold regardless of the dye applied. Available as a personal comforter, throw pillow, and Euro sham, Lynette backs to a midweight linen.

A sister collection to Rosalina, Fleur features vibrant blooms digitally printed in gradiated watercolor hues atop glowing silk charmeuse throw pillows. Like Rosalina, Fleur is available in “warm” and “cool” color schemes, and has been designed for mixing and matching across Bella’s full color palette. However, Fleur’s beauty is a bit more striking relative to Rosalina’s more subtle beauty.

Lastly, Jade and Mahogany round out Bella’s color palette. Jade, a rich verdant green with subtle blue undertones, can be considered a darker, more sophisticated alternative to Eucalyptus. Mahogany, a deep mahogany, serves as a darker, and deeper alternative to Rosegold.

UPDATE: Bella Notte has let us know that it will be retiring its Marseille and Olivia collections. Short notice and short supply: Marseille and Olivia are available while supplies last – which will not be for long. If you have purchased from either collection and would like to purchase more, contact us asap, and we will see what we can do for you.

In photos…

Vienna, Helane, Fleur

pictured:  Vienna Deluxe Shams in Rouge, Helane Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Helane Kidney Pillow in Eucalyptus, Fleur Accent Pillow new in Warm, Vienna Coverlet in Rouge, Helane Personal Comforter in Mahogany new

Fleur pillows in Cool

pictured:  Fleur 24×24 Throw Pillow new in Cool, Carmen Personal Comforter in Cenote, Fleur Accent Pillow  new in Cool,

Lynette Dec Pillows

pictured:  Lynette Throw Pillows new in Rosegold, Mahogany new, Rouge, and Pearl, Carmen Kidney Pillow in Cloud

Lynette + Frida

pictured:  Austin Deluxe Shams in Winter White, Frida Pillowcases in Winter White, Lynette Euro Sham new in Winter White, Lynette Accent Pillows new in Honeycomb, Frida Flat Sheet in Winter White, Lynette Personal Comforter  new in Honeycomb, Linen Duvet Cover in Winter White

Vienna, Helane, Fleur

pictured:  Silk Velvet Quilted Deluxe Shams in Mahogany new, Paloma Pillowcases in Rosegold, Paloma Pillowcase in Mahogany new, Paloma Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Fleur 24×24 Throw Pillow new in Warm, Madera Luxe Flat Sheet in Rosegold, Silk Velvet Quilted Coverlet in Mahogany new, Carmen Lumbar Pillow in Jade new, Loulah Large Throw Blanket in Rosegold

Linen Whisper and Lynette

pictured:  Linen Whisper Deluxe Shams in Mineral, Linen Whisper Pillowcases in Cloud, Linen Flat Sheet in Winter White, Linen Fitted Sheet in Winter White, Lynette Accent Pillow new in Fog, Linen Whisper Duvet Cover in Mineral




Through the lens of Divine Grace, Jan Barboglio’s Fall ’20 Collection comes to life. Subtle shapes and limitless curves beg to be touched, prized not for their complexity but for their restraint and refinement. Cool leathery textures of wax cast iron, buttery silken ceramic, luxuriously soft velvet with glimmers of golden thread…all sensuous and reserved, all seductive yet steadfast…

Download the full Divine Grace catalog here, or browse some highlights below.

Jan Barboglio Divine Grace

Jan Barboglio Divine Grace

nacimiento escultura nativity

nacimiento escultura nativity

nacimiento escultura nativity

tazόn sagrado bowl

palomita blessing beads

candelitas pajaritos pair

espiritu d'pared

movimiento candlestick

Jan Barboglio Divine Grace

wee mouse platters


techno creche

Jan Barboglio Divine Grace

our lady of little angels throw

sabio pitchers

Download the full catalog here




We last showed you some some Ann Gish spring intros back in February. The design house, now headed by Ann’s daughter Jane, has recently introduced several new collections just in time for the summer.
Each of these collections has been uploaded to our website, and can be purchased on our website.

Oceana throw blanket & pillows

pictured above:  Oceana (painterly velvet reverses to satin)

Linenberry duvet & shams

pictured above:  Linenberry (raspberry red velvet contrasts with soft gradiations of blue atop a herringbone base)

Cosmopolitan duvet & shams

pictured above:  Cosmopolitan “a cityscape at night”

Horizon duvet & shams

pictured above:  Horizon “a glimpse of the moon as it dips below the horizon”

Frame throw in Slate

pictured above:  Frame (a subtle twist on plaid)

Filament coverlet in Ash

pictured above:  Filament “the perfect foundational collection”




Brief reminder: our sales floor is updated more often and more extensively than our website. Stop by today, and here is some of the new merchandise you might see. Of course, you can always shop us by phone as well. (these are actual snaps from our sales floor)

Pine Cone Hill Yasmin & Kenya

pictured above:  Jasmine Linen dec pillows and throw (bottom), Kenya embroidered dec pillow (top) by Pine Cone Hill

Sferra Cossita duvet cover

pictured above:  Cossita duvet cover by Sferra

Abyss & Habidecor Bosa rug

pictured above:  Bosa rug by Abyss & Habidecor

Yves Delorme Naussica bed

pictured above:  Naussica duvet cover and shams by Yves Delorme, Corinth Chenille throw by Pine Cone Hill, assorted dec pillows by D.V. Kap and Yves Delorme

Pine Cone Hill Manisa Dec Pillow

pictured above:  Manisa Linen dec pillow by Pine Cone Hill

Bolero by V Rugs & Home

pictured above:  Bolero “Pouf” (ottoman), Bolero dec pillow, and Darcy dec pillow, all by V Rugs and Home (Sophia sham by Amity Home pictured in background)

Abyss & Habidecor Look rug

pictured above:  Look rug by Abyss & Habidecor

Sferra, Lili Alessandra, Sivaana

pictured above:  Ondate duvet cover by Sferra, Water Drops lumbar dec pillow by Sivaana, and Geo dec pillows by Lili Alessandra

Pastoral by Ann Gish

pictured above:  Pastoral throw & dec pillow by Ann Gish

Ann Gish Prism and Bubble bed

pictured above:  Prism duvet cover and shams, Bubble coverlet and shams, Ribbon throw and dec pillow, and Duchess lumbar pillow, all by Ann Gish. Also pictured: Orlo shams by Sferra

Loloi pillow, Uttermost, Currey & Co

pictured above:  Aira Bird Figurines by Uttermost, dec pillow by Loloi, assorted lamps by Uttermost and Currey & Co

Sari Silk pillow by Loloi

pictured above:  Sari Silk dec pillow by Loloi

Amity Home Cambria and Kirk

pictured above:  Cambria duvet cover and Kirk reversible quilted coverlet by Amity Home, assorted dec pillows and shams by D.V. Kap, Yves Delorme, and Amity Home

Matouk Cabana, Pacific, Habidecor Avril

pictured above:  Cabana blanket and Pacific coverlet by Matouk, Avril rug and Super Pile towels by Abyss & Habidecor

Indus Large Wooden Leaf

pictured above:  Large Wooden Leaf by Indus Design Imports, Coral dec pillow by Loloi in background

Lili Alessandra bed

pictured above:  Applique bed scarf, Soho duvet cover and euro pillows, and assorted dec pillows by Lili Alessandra, Art Deco boudoir pillow by Sivaana, Perla dec pillow by Sferra




A quick look some of the new Jan Barboglio pieces that we have either in stock or on order.

Josephina Vessel

King of Angels Blessing

Alessandro Vase

Bilbao Rail

Mi Tesoro Candle

Raphael Bowl

Lauralei & Adam Containers

Vivian Rail




Abyss & Habidecor has introduced a slew of new rugs, as well as a new Super Pile color, to mark it’s 40th Anniversary. If you would like to take a closer look at these rugs, just stop by! We have most of them either in stock or on order.

Abyss & Habidecor 40th Anniversary

Emerald, the new color

Emerald, the new rug

Habidecor Agata rug

Habidecor Aquazura rug

Habidecor Avril rug

Habidecor Kapi rug

Habidecor Bosa rug

Habidecor Look rug

Habidecor Peaux rug

Habidecor New Twist rug

the end




Here’s a look at some new introductions from SDH, Dea, Peacock Alley, Leitner, Lili Alessandra, Yves Delorme, Christian Fischbacher and Matouk.

If you missed it, also check out new bedding introductions from Sferra, Ann Gish, and Bella Notte.

SDH Legna Willow in Pewter

pictured above:  Legna Willow by SDH   

Enzo by Peacock Alley

pictured above:  Enzo by Peacock Alley   

Madera by Dea

pictured above:  Madera by Dea   

Selvaggio by Dea

pictured above:  Selvaggio by Dea   

Stela Matelasse

pictured above:  Stela Matelasse by Lili Alessandra  view catalog 

Serengeti by Matouk

pictured above:  Serengeti by Matouk  from the new Schumacher collection 

Pomegranate by Matouk

pictured above:  Pomegranate by Matouk  from the new Schumacher collection 

Eden by SDH Leitner

pictured above:  Eden by Leitner   

Riviera by Yves Delorme

pictured above:  Riviera by Yves Delorme   

Mosaic by Celso de Lemos

pictured above:  Mosaic by Celso de Lemos   

Palmea by Yves Delorme

pictured above:  Palmea by Yves Delorme   

Flower Power

pictured above:  Flower Power by Christian Fischbacher   

Attleboro and Pomegranate

pictured above:  Attleboro (and Pomegranate) by Matouk  from the new Schumacher collection 

Naussica by Yves Delorme

pictured above:  Naussica by Yves Delorme   

Cora by Matouk

pictured above:  Cora by Matouk  from the new Schumacher collection 

Ondee by Yves Delorme

pictured above:  Ondee by Yves Delorme   

Baita by Dea

pictured above:  Baita by Dea   

Spring by Dea

pictured above:  Spring by Dea   

SDH Provence

pictured above:  Provence by SDH   

Erika by Dea

pictured above:  Erika by Dea   

Burnett by Matouk

pictured above:  Burnett by Matouk  from the new Schumacher collection 

Polka by Christian Fischbacher

pictured above:  Polka by Christian Fischbacher   

Ara by Celso de Lemos

pictured above:  Ara by Celso de Lemos   

Ondee by Yves Delorme

pictured above:  Eolie by Yves Delorme   

Argo by Dea

pictured above:  Argo by Dea   

Cantu by Dea

pictured above:  Cantu by Dea   

Viola by Christian Fischbacher

pictured above:  Viola by Christian Fischbacher   





“We believe in the thoughtfully layered home. That the best spaces come together with intention. That craftsmanship is something worth committing to. That a good rug does more than tie the room together – it sets the home apart.”

Loloi’s approach is simple: design rugs, pillows, and wall art for today’s homes, and bring it all to life with centuries-old craftsmanship. We mostly stock their dec pillows at The Linen Tree, but there is also an extensive array of rugs that can be ordered, as well. Below are a few choice shots from the most recent catalog (followed by the full catalog itself).

Loloi Theia rug


Loloi Sojourn rug


Loloi Silva rug


Loloi Serena rug

Loloi Promenade rug


Loloi Priti rug


Loloi Owen rug


Loloi Milennium rug


Loloi Medusa rug


Loloi Khalid rug


Loloi Joaquin rug


Loloi Iman rug


Loloi Hygge rug


Loloi Haven rug


Loloi Hallu rug


Loloi Elliot rug


Loloi Elixir rug


Loloi Cascade rug


Loloi Cadence rug


Loloi Artifact rug


handmade craftsmanship





New for the Spring, Sferra has introduced Giza 45 Seta. Featuring a nearly 50/50 blend of Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton and exquisite silk fiber, Seta’s two-toned sateen weave lends an especially sumptuous finish. Is it the ultimate in Giza 45 bedding, or the ultimate in silk bedding? You decide.

Other new additions include Dorato, a limited edition duvet cover / sham which is backed in Giza 45 Seta, and a limited edition ‘Unity’ throw blanket. The Unity throw, a special collaboration between actress Lucy Liu and Sferra, features a 100% silk print on the front, and reverses to cashmere. Sferra and Lucy Liu will combine to donate 15% of all Unity sales to the Tory Burch Foundation, a non-profit organization advancing women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. There will be a limited production run of 100 throws.

Both the Giza 45 Seta and Dorato collections are exclusively made to order (allow up to three months for delivery). The Dorato collection must be ordered ASAP to guarantee availability; at last check six of fiteen had been sold.

some pics…

pictured below:  Dorato duvet cover limited edition 

Sferra Dorato

pictured below:  Unity throw blanket limited edition 

Sferra Unity Throw

pictured below:  Ondate duvet & shams

Sferra Ondate - new

pictured below:  Gocce duvet & shams

Sferra Gocce - new

pictured below:  Lipari coverlet & shams, Cossita duvet & shams,

Sferra Lipari & Cossita

pictured below:  Linea duvet & shams

Sferra Linea - new

pictured below:  Farfalla duvet & shams

Sferra Farfalla - new





Ann Gish’s new introductions for Spring 2020 mark the first since Ann herself passed away this past August. While she quietly battled cancer, she reportedly left behind designs for lots of future collections, which should continue to roll out over the next couple of years.

Pictured below are a few of the new Spring introductions. For a more complete look at the line, check out Ann Gish’s 2020 Lookbook.

Prism duvet set

pictured above:  Prism duvet set (pictured with Bubble coverlet set)

Tivoli duvet set

pictured above:  Tivoli duvet cover and pillows (89% viscose, duvet cover reverses to fine cotton, pillows reverse to silver satin)

Canvas Stripe and Macau

pictured above:  Canvas Stripe pillow sham (pictured with Macau & Silk Band flat sheet)

Unmazed duvet & pillows

pictured above:  Unmazed duvet cover and pillows (94% viscose with charmeuse flange)

Code by Art of Home

pictured above:  Code duvet set (pictured with Neo coverlet set)

Pastoral Throw & Shams

pictured above:  Pastoral throw blanket & euro shams (velvet reverses to satin)



tree outline
tree outline

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