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Barbacci makes its bed linens custom to order in Florence Italy. But included in the company’s 2018 catalog was its new Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Tucson collections. We got ahold of pictures and figured we would share.

These styles are traditional, but as Barbacci goes – they are made to order and you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and color combinations. It’s a little bit complicated, but if you like what you see just let us know and we can break things down for you.

Barbacci Phoenix Scottsdale bed

pictured above:  Phoenix and Scottsdale bed

Barbacci Tucson & Tempe bed

pictured above:  Tucson and Tempe bed




Here’s a quick look at some of the newest, most popular and/or most interesting bedding collections that are easily missed, hidden in swatch books or catalogs, and available by special order. Call for pricing and availability.

(also see our preceding post, previewing some of the collections currently on our floor)

Christian Fischbacher Interlace

pictured above:  Interlace by Christian Fischbacher

Dea Noah

pictured above:  Noah by Dea

Barbacci Essenza

pictured above:  Essenza by Barbacci

Ann Gish Fringe and Pebble bed

pictured above:  Fringe duvet cover and shams and Pebble Stripe coverlet by Ann Gish

SDH Purists Palio

pictured above:  Purists Palio by SDH

Dea Cobalto

pictured above:  Cobalto by DEA

Leitner Medusa

pictured above:  Medusa by Leitner

Ann Gish Chinoiserie

pictured above:  Chinoiserie by Ann Gish (pictured with Metallic Mosaic pillow and Quilted Channel Silk bedding)

Barbacci Ciniglia

pictured above:  Ciniglia by Barbacci

Dea Luni

pictured above:  Luni by DEA

SDH Adlon

pictured above:  Adlon by SDH

SDH Legna Modena

pictured above:  Legna Modena in Clay (by SDH)

Christian Fischbacher Newtopia

pictured above:  Newtopia by Christian Fischbacher

Barbacci Shiva

pictured above:  Shiva by Barbacci

Ann Gish Peony

pictured above:  Peony by Ann Gish




SDH Filice

pictured:  Filice by SDH

Dessia Duvet Cover

pictured:  Dessia by Sferra (pictured with SDH Filice)

Posetti Duvet Cover

pictured:  Posetti by Sferra

Yves Delorme Plumes

pictured:  Plumes by Yves Delorme

Giza 45 Quatrefoil

pictured:  Giza 45 Quatrefoil by Sferra




Bella Notte has announced two exciting additions for the fall. We do not yet have swatches nor pricing just yet – but wanted to put the word out.


Bella Notte’s new Seraphina sheets feature a luscious blend of silk and lyocell – the same sustainable wood fiber featured in SDH’s best selling Legna Classic (as well as Bella Notte’s own Madera Luxe). Lyocell is a washable, sustainable fiber that is, generally, silky yet breathable. The addition of silk here should lend extra strength (and silkiness of course) to a fiber that otherwise does not always hold up as well as other fine threads.

Billowy and silky against the skin, this dreamy fabric comes in a duvet cover, fitted and flat sheets as well as pillowcases. Offered in Bella Notte’s full color palette, Seraphina provides a new and exciting option for those looking to coordinate with existing Bella Notte bedding collections.

Bella Notte Seraphina

(UPDATE – as of May 22, the launch of Seraphina is now on hold due to concerns regarding tariffs)


An exceptionally soft pastel in linen, a smoky pastel in cotton, and a sparkling, silvery grey in silk and satin – “Sterling” is to be the newest addition to Bella Notte’s color palette.


Farewell, Goodbye

With the new, goes the old. The good news is that no colors or collections are being discontinued. But the following items are available while supplies last (or until June 3rd, whichever comes sooner):

Frida Lumbar Pillow
Frida Wedding Blanket
Linen Whisper Twin Duvet Cover
Linen Whisper Twin Bed Skirt
Linen Whisper Lumbar Pillow
Loulah Wedding Blanket
Marseille Standard Sham
Marseille King Sham
Marseille Lumbar Pillow
Marseille Accent Pillow
Marseille Baby Blanket

Marseille Accent Pillow
pictured: Marseille Accent Pillow




In the shade of the familiar foliage in lush exotic gardens that filter the sun, the Yves Delorme 2019 Spring and Summer Collection offers a rich palette of organic colors. Yves’ newest designs “transport us from familiar places to faraway lands, from leaves to flowers, between dreams and reality.”

Download the full catalog or view some highlights below.

Yves Delorme Ginkgo

pictured:  GINKGO

Yves Delorme Palmes

pictured:  PALMES

Yves Delorme Ete

pictured:  ÉTÉ

Yves Delorme Plumes

pictured: PLUMES   in stock  




New for 2019 is Sferra’s new Corto Celeste collection. Featuring a plain hem and simple mini-flanges, Corton Celeste represents a minimalist, contemporary spin of Sferra’s best selling Celeste sheet.

Corto Celeste Shams




A magician never tells his secrets. But Mike + Ally tells all in this video, showcasing the artistry behind its line of hand built bath accessories.

(also, view Mike + Ally’s latest catalog here)




Did you know that we have increased our in-stock selection of Sferra to include more decorative pieces than ever before? Below are some of the newer collections that we currently have on our floor, as well as a first look at some of the new Fall ’18 additions that Sferra just announced.

pictured:  Posetti  in stock  online 

pictured:  Ginto  in stock  online 

pictured:  Zenna  new 

pictured:  Andria  new 

pictured:  Bissa  new color  in stock  online 

pictured:  Trazzo  new  limited edition  online 

pictured:  Bessini  new 

pictured:  Intreccio  in stock  online 

pictured:  Giottino  new 

pictured:  Giamina  in stock  online 

pictured:  Larro Cuff  in stock  online 

pictured:  Giando  new 




Abyss & Habidecor’s new catalogue was officially released last week. Here are some highlights.

pictured:  Abyss Gloria towel  new  in stock 

pictured:  ‘Calm’ Rug  new 

pictured:  Super Twill towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Super Pile towels  new colors  in stock 

pictured:  Cora rug  new  in stock 

pictured:  Marbre towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Elysee Rug  in stock 

pictured:  Galli Rug  new 

pictured:  Baobab Rug  new 

pictured:  Montana hand towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Legend guest towel set  new 

pictured:  Brighton Rug

pictured:  Cannes beach towel  new 

pictured:  Shagreen rug  new 

pictured:  Granite towels  new  in stock 

pictured:  Stone rug

pictured:  James rug  new 

pictured:  Abelha towels  new 

pictured:  Goia rug  new 




Bella Notte has just revealed it’s new additions for Fall 2018 (we don’t even have pricing for everything just yet). Three highlights for you…


rosalina in neutral

A gradation of watercolor hues are the dreamy backdrop to a secret garden presented atop glowing charmeuse. Three colorways – “Warm,” “Cool” and “Neutral” make for easy color coordination without sacrificing Rosalina’s distinct look and feel. Shams are pictured above in Neutral.


The newest addition to Bella Notte’s colorbook – Cenote is a rich aquatic blue. As seen above, its depth stuns in velvet.

Helane Duvet Cover

A long anticipated replacement for Bella Notte’s original Satin Velvet Duvet Cover, the new Helane duvet cover is simple, elegant, and it fills a clear void in Bella Notte’s line. Velvet on top reverses to a luminous lyocell sateen (Madera Luxe).



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