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    'Catologo 1926'

    Frette, a leading provider of luxury linens to the finest hotels and homes worldwide, recently celebrated its 150th 'Anniversario.' It was December 1st, 1860, that Jean Baptiste Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud got together to manufacture and distribute home linens from their base in Grenoble, France. A slow but steady rise to prominence, 1865 saw a move across the border to Monza, Italy, with production of luxury fabrics on jacquard looms concentrated in Concorezzo (where the company remains located today). By 1881, 'E. Frette & C' - headed by Giuseppe Maggi, Carlo Antonietti and Edmond Frette and 100% Italian - was now the 'Official Purveyor to the Italian Royal Family' and was additionally supplying Italian embassies worldwide.

    And this was the first of many landmark moments. By 1895, a Frette tablecloth graced the altar of Saint Peter's Basilica (and it would be reproduced in 2000 for the papal celebrations at the Vatican). No later than 1899, Frette graced the beds at some of the finest hotels in Italy and beyond; notably, the Ritz in Paris, the Savoy in London, the Plaza in New York and the Peninsula in Hong Kong. It wasn't even until 1903 when E. Frette & C introduced the Albert Gagedois method of textile bleaching, which allowed it to develop the unique white, soft and shiny finish the brand's linens would become famous for.

    Today, 'Frette' remains primarily concerned with providing supreme style, comfort, and exclusivity, while letting it's history speak for itself. Silk, brocades, precious furs and cashmere complement the brand's famous jacquards. Limited edition collections are introduced regularly.