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    Michael Aram himself

    In Hindi, "aram" means "gently, with peace, with love and care." Coincidence? Michael Aram is an American born artist who works primarily in metal. He studied fine art in New York but it was not until he made a life-changing trip to India where he discovered untapped potential buried within rich metalworking traditions. He turned his creative energies towards craft based design, setting up a home and workshop in New Delhi, and helping to bridge the gap between artist and artisan.

    Aram's work reflects humanity through the directness of the handmade process. The artisan nature of the work imbues it with a soulful quality and an energy. This energy is further enhanced by the tension of line, form, and meaning that is characteristic of Aram's work. As extraordinary objects, they cause us to pause and consider them, and therefore create a sense of ritual and ceremony in their day to day use. Each piece is entirely handmade and no two examples are ever completely the same.

    Michael Aram