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    It was back in 1995 in Rochefort-du-Gard that it all began: Stéphane Lecaille and Natacha Lecaille sowed the seeds of a new era in the field of cosmetics. The creation of Provence Santé was achieved with the intent of developing specific lines of products powerfully inspired by their geographic origin: The Provence. From its inception, the brand is characterized by words such as naturalness, harmony and authenticity. A philosophy: The vocation is care, the inspiration is Provence. The products' formulas therefore come as close to nature as ever possible. They are sincere and refined. Utmost care is exercised in researching active principles, and suppliers are required to guarantee the traceability of raw ingredients. Their firm determination was to do away with conventional formulas based on traditional chemistry, while at the same time and above all, preserving the innocuousness of products and seeking efficacy and comfort in their use. The company distances itself from the conventional and navigates against the current. Visionary? Most certainly yes, since a few years later, the "organic" and "natural" wave was sweeping the French market.

    The very name of the brand was their actual inspiration: "Provence" - a region whose name is synonymous with pleasure and well being, which inspired numerous painters and writers among whom Van Gogh and Jean Giono. "Santé" - a promise kept and verified of the guarantee of actual results obtained from products whose formulas are rich in active principles. For now over fifteen years, Provence Santé has endeavoured to satisfy the consumer's demand for naturalness and authenticity with products of quality that strictly respect man and his environment. The brand has risen to intermational fame in a field where quality must satisfy the most rigorous demands.

    Provence Sante