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    Uppercut Linens

    The product of a small operation out of New York, Sybaritic table linens and accessories have grown a reputation for excellence and exclusivity over the past three decades. And this has been despite a general lack of marketing, advertising, and promotion; a testament to the quality of materials used, the depth of designs offered, and the overall distinction of the product line. Sybaritic placemats in particular are one of the single most unique product lines sold by The Linen Tree. The napkins are exquisite, featuring elegant designs and upholstery strength fabrics.

    Update - 09/2014: Sybaritic table linens are now Uppercut table linens. The original proprietors of the Sybaritic line are entering retirement, and have sold the business. They are still involved with the product line, which will remain the same in key respects (many napkins and a few placemat styles have been discontinued).