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    Bethanne Knudson
    and Stephan Michelson

    There’s no question: Oriole Mill founders Bethanne and Stephan are passionate about what they do. Bethanne’s enthusiasm for what they are creating at The Mill translates into every product she designs. Stephan - coming from a statistical consulting background - represents a quieter intensity; but he is no less fervent about defying convention and forging a paradigm shift in American textile manufacturing.

    Not so long ago, textiles were handed down from generation to generation just like any other treasured family possession. It’s in this spirit that The Oriole Mill produces heirloom quality fabrics. These fabrics are woven exclusively from fine natural fibers - including mercerized Giza cotton - in a 72,000 square-foot design and manufacturing studio in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Everyone on The Oriole Mill team is empowered to fully participate in design and manufacturing processes, which are primarily driven by artistic vision and with minimal regard to trends, costs, and market analysis.

    The Oriole Mill


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