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    In 1899 an English engineer by the name of James Marshall is believed to have pioneered the pocketed coil mattress. His mattress, crafted specifically for his wife who had fallen ill, featured coiled springs wrapped in unbleached muslin. The mattress was quilted with horsehair and outer tufted.

    Over the ten years which followed, impressed entrepreneurs turned James' personal accomplishment into a viable business concept, and the VI Spring name was adopted in 1911. Today, the VI Spring name remains attached to the values of excellence and craftsmanship, epitomizing a distinctively British form of elegance. VI Spring mattresses have graced the first class cabins of legendary ocean liners - including the Titanic and the Queen Elizabeth II - and the suites of the world's most luxurious hotels, such as London's Park Lane and Savoy.

    The result of a mastered art form, each mattress contains springs that are self-produced and have remained practically unchanged since 1901. Honeycomb-nested inside natural calico pockets, they provide constant support with no undue pressure. With a single, double or triple layer of springs, nine wire gauges and 58 spring types to choose from, and a lenient exchange policy, you are sure to find the ideal combination for both you and your partner.

    Generally speaking, VI-Spring mattresses are known for their unsurpassed quality and their soft, traditional feel. The finest in craftsmanship and of natural fibres such as Austrian Horsetail, British Fleece Wool, and South African Mohair ensure that these mattresses remain the international standard for comfort, sophistication and quality. Each mattress is made to last a lifetime and is sold with a lifetime warranty.