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Say goodbye to the mundane and graduate your home into modern luxury with the polished Dolomiti Soap Dispenser by Match 1995 Pewter. Built with superior Italian craftsmanship, this pristine pewter accessory combines functionality with understated elegance. High-quality hallmarks of our workshop, company, alloy content, and Italy heritage ensure unmatched durability and quality against each piece. 

More than one room gets adorned – place in the bathroom for liquid hand soap, in the kitchen for dish soap, or near an entry point for easy access to hand sanitizer. Showcase your style with a personalized feature – etch a message, child’s monogram, or label of what it holds to create a personal touch. Envelop not only your living space but yourself into luxury by combining beauty and practicality; upgrade your living space today for a piece that lasts.

7" H, 8.5 OZ • ITEM A803.0

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