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If you’ve been searching for a way to keep your linens fresher and brighter than ever before, look no further! The Lemon Verbena Linen Wash by Béau Vie is the perfect solution for all your linen mishaps. Not only does this special linen wash provide a classic and luxurious lemon verbena scent, but it also does wonders for your linens itself. 

Made from 100% biodegradable ingredients, this gentle linen wash is specially formulated to protect, preserve, and flatter your fabrics without any harsh chemicals or toxins. With Verveine Citron’s simpler fragrance, you can truly capture the zesty aroma of freshly picked lemon verbena. No matter your fabric, this linen wash is suitable for spot treatment, hand washing, or machine washing. 

The Linen Tree is proud to offer this special lemon verbena linen wash in our store, and we know that you will be nothing but delighted with the results. Let us help you revitalize your fabrics with the wonderful Lemon Verbena Linen Wash from Béau Vie!

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