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Experience modern luxury with Bertold by Missoni. This expertly crafted yarn-dyed, wool bouclé is exquisite in all of its details, making it the perfect addition to any home. The fabric features an all-over shaded logo design for a stylish touch, and with a composition of 50% wool, 45% acrylic, and 5% polyamide, you can rest assured this piece will last for years to come. 

Moreover, Bertold by Missoni offers thoughtful elegance and comfort that can be enjoyed everywhere—from your bed to the sofa or anywhere else that could use a daringly striking upgrade. So why wait? Treat yourself today to the signature look and feel of Bertold by Missoni from The Linen Tree!

The Linen Tree is located in Scottsdale’s , Arizona, and honored to serve customers locally and throughout the entire country. We can be reached by phone at 480-483-2044 or via email by visiting the contact page on our website.