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For an energetic, art-inspired statement piece in any of your living spaces, look no further than the Brushstroke Velvet Throw Pillow By Kevin O'Brien Studio. With a vibrant brush stroke design set against a deep velvet fabric, this pillow instantly adds character to any room! The pattern is printed on both sides of the pillow so that you never have to worry about flipping it mid-conversation. Not to mention each pillow also comes with an incredible feather and down comfy insert for an extra touch of luxury.

Manufactured by dedicated artisans in Philadelphia – just like a work of art – this throw pillow is handmade to order and upholstered with only the highest quality materials. The result? An absolute statement piece that adds not just flowing color but true comfort and class to your home setup. Add the Brushstroke Velvet Throw Pillow by Kevin O’Brien Studio today and let the creative vibes flow through your space!


Dry clean only.

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