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Experience the plush comfort of the Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress from Royal-Pedic. Crafted with luxurious natural cotton for an alluring softness and deep quilted wool wraps for easy contouring support, this mattress is designed to give you a restful night's sleep. With superior spinal alignment, it will cradle your body without sagging or lumping so you wake up free of aches and pains. 

Perfect for any sleeper, the mattress is hypoallergenic and perfect even for those with allergies to keep your airways healthy. The consistent warmth of the mattress helps you relax while supporting strategic body zones like your shoulders, hips, and lower back. Sleep soundly knowing that this mattress made with premium natural materials will last through years of use thanks to its durable design. Slip into a peaceful sleep with this amazing Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress from Royal-Pedic!

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