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Let Jan Barboglio's Houseblessing Tissue, Alto bring blessings and charm to your home! This whimsical piece of decor is carefully crafted from iron and brass with a rich, dark finish that makes a bold statement. This tissue holder is a beautiful, timeless piece that adds an atmosphere of elegance and thoughtfulness to any room. 

The holder is affixed with an oversized cross for added symbolic weight and depth. Whether it's your kitchen, dining room, or living room, the Houseblessing Tissue, Alto is sure to add an extra layer of style and sophistication. The tissue paper is included, so all you need to do is hang it up and enjoy. 

Discover the perfect combination of adornment and practicality with Houseblessing Tissue, Alto. Buy it from The Linen Tree today and bless your home for years to come!


Clean with a soft dry cloth.

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