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Adelita Sacred Heart Candle by Jan Barboglio - the perfect addition to any special occasion. This unique handcrafted votive candle features a beautiful mouth-blown glass heart, encasing a sumptuously fragrant soy candle. Perfect for romantic candlelit dinners, gifting your sweetheart on their special day, or welcoming friends into a new home.

The Adelita Sacred Heart Candle is an artfully crafted piece from the exquisite Jan Barboglio collection. Handcrafted from recycled glass that has been time-honored with a unique palette of colors and a cast of traditional Mexican motifs. Ancient candle wax formulas and sensitive perfumes carried on its wax make this Adelita Sacred Heart Candle all the more special. 

This gorgeous vessel contains 5.8 ounces of handmade premium fragrant soy wax that has a burn time of approximately 36 hours. As the candle burns, the melted wax releases a warm, soothing aroma that evokes the spirit and mystique of Jan Barboglio’s beloved homeland of Mexico. 

Heed the call of the flame and added this exquisite votive to your home. Add the Adelita Sacred Heart Candle by Jan Barboglio to any special occasion for the perfect finishing touch. Shop yours now from The Linen Tree. 

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