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At The Linen Tree, we have the perfect addition to your home or special space: the Adelita Heartblessing by Jan Barboglio. You'll be captivated by the way this beautiful heart ornament is created–mouth-blown and bathed in chocolate colors, offering a vibrant feel. Plus, it's suspended from an adjustable leather cord, perfect for hanging in a tree, from a door knob, or in the bridal suite. Wherever it's hung, Adelita will bring a bit of luminescence and blessing to the space.

Not only does the Adelita Heartblessing promise to bring light and blessing to your space but it is also designed with a signature Adelita flower. This gorgeous piece of art by Jan Barboglio is perfect as a special decoration in your home or as a unique, eye-catching gift of love.

Purchase the Adelita Heartblessing by Jan Barboglio from The Linen Tree today, and fill any space with heartwarming charm and light!​

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