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With its simple yet luxurious design, the Ice Clear collection by Mike + Ally is the perfect addition to any modern, contemporary, or spa-inspired bathroom. Whether you're looking to upgrade your fixtures or just go for a more subtle look - this high-quality set is sure to make that statement. 

We appreciate customers who are proud of where they come from and that's why we love that this set is made with care right here in the USA! These clear Lucite pieces have framed trim color options of silver and gold, so they work with any décor style. Shop the Ice Clear Collection from Mike + Ally at The Linen Tree today and take your space up a notch!


Ideally, specialized products like Novus No.1 or Brillianize should be used. If not available, a mild solution of soap and water is safe for cleaning. Do not use window cleaning fluids (keep away from Ammonia). A clean microfiber cloth is best.

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