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Bring home effortless luxury with the beautiful Channel Velvet Quilt by Kevin O’Brien Studio. Introduce sophistication and style as soon as you walk into the bedroom. Crafted from the highest quality materials, this quilt utilizes a velvet front and a cotton sateen back, leaving you with an indulgent sleeping experience every night. 

The classic horizontal stitching accentuates a timeless design that easily matches and enriches any bedroom. Choose from two stunning colorways, mineral, and grey, to customize your look. As a perfect finishing touch, pair this heavenly quilt with jade pillow accents from The Linen Tree to create a product that screams luxury and relaxation. You owe yourself the best comfort, so treat yourself to our Channel Velvet Quilt today!


Machine washable.

The Linen Tree is located in Scottsdale’s , Arizona, and honored to serve customers locally and throughout the entire country. We can be reached by phone at 480-483-2044 or via email by visiting the contact page on our website.